After the success of three batches (B1, B2 & B3), we are going to start our 4th batch of the Crypto & Forex Trading Course. You will learn Crypto Trading & Forex Trading from basic to master level.

You will attend
· 6 Phases (Theoretical, Psychology, Technical, Fundamental, Risk Management, Practical)
· Live Lectures (Recording will be delivered on Gmail)
· Pre-recorded Videos

Course Duration: 2 Months (60 Days)

Processing Fee: 20$ (5500/- PKR)
Last Date to Submit Processing Fee:  20-April-2023
(After paying the processing fee, you will receive a basic course of crypto and forex trading. We will conduct an entry test on 25 April 2023, and the candidate who passes the test will allow for the course (merit based selection). We will select only 50 Students [25 Online + 25 On-Site]

Online Course Fee: 400$ (120000/- PKR)
(You can pay in two installments, 50% in each)

On-site Course Fee(Physically): 500$ (150000/- PKR)
(You can pay in two installments but first installment will be 300$ or 90000/- PKR)

Last Date to Submit Course Fee: 1-May-2023

We will start learning from 8 May 2023


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