Financial Markets Trading Course (Forex & Crypto)

After transforming hundreds of looser and immature traders into highly successful and wise traders in previous batches, now its a great opportunity for you to be a part of Batch-9, Registration is open now

 After passing the filtration criteria you’ll get 6 modules:

  • Theoretical: Basic Concepts 
  • Hacks for Trader’s Mind Programming 
  • Secrets of Technical Parameters
  • Secrets of Fundamental Factors
  • Art of Risk Management
  • Practical: Apply what you learn on live market

Live one-on-one Lectures (Recording will also be available on our LMS)

Course Duration: 2 Months (60 Days)

    • 30 lectures of financial markets study
    • 20 Assignments
    • Exam after module end
    • Live Trading: Lets apply what we learnt and make $500 profit to recover the course fee.

Online Lectures Fee: $400 (120000/- PKR)
Physical Lectures Fee: $500 (150000/- PKR)

Residence & Food Charges: $160 (50000/- PKR) for two months (without air conditioning)

Location of institute : 3rd Floor, Misaq ul Mall, Faisalabad, Pakistan. (Map:


Enrollment for entrance test closes on: 20-June-2024

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